People On The Grid With Alexandra From Alternative Barcelona

Today we are interviewing Alexandra from Alternative Barcelona and Journey of an Artstigator. They are a Barcelona based group with a passion for street art. Their mission is to document and bring forth the work of exceptional artists. They host workshops with local street artists that teach people about the history of street art and style, and how to create their own!

La Nau Bostik Vol ser un Aparador d'Art Urbà


"Nosotros queremos que esto sea una especie de galería al aire libre. Que tu puedas venir acá e instruirte y aprender un poco sobre el impacto del arte urbano en la sociedad."

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Arts and Culture in Barcelona


"Barcelona has a large artists community. In Barcelona, any street artists live. Every day they produce (legally and illegally) graphic highlights on walls, shutters and specially designated places. The English speaking guide Alexandra is happy to take you on a streetart tour through the streets of the Raval district."

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Alexandra Sol: Promotora del Arte Urbano

Hacid Magazine

Hacid Magazine: ¿Cómo vez la gestión cultural como profesión de futuro?

Alexandra Sol: La gestión cultural para mi es un proyecto de vida. ¡Considero que el arte y la cultura son indispensables para la sociedad!


 (Photo: Hannu PESONEN)

(Photo: Hannu PESONEN)

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Helsinki Newspaper

"Many of them come here on a regular basis and leave their mark on the walls," says Alexandra. She leads free street art tours in El Borne. She has come from El Salvador.

Graffiti are a dividing line between art and offensive protest. "It is precisely because of this that they fit so well in Barcelona... Authorities or building owners may destroy it as soon as it appears. That's why this has to be seen now," says Alexandra, and shows female characters, which have been pasted a day before on the 1600-century oak door. The route can hold plenty of interesting modern art galleries. Many of them also showcase street art...."