Discovering San Salvador

Moving back home is always exciting, especially when you have not lived there in over a decade and you find that there are plenty of arty initiatives that have emerged since you last visited!

Throughout my first weeks in the city I have found these initiatives to be the most exciting and worth a visit:

1.     Conectarte

Our most exciting find in the city center was the World Food Program’s Conectarte Murals. Conectarte is a project led by the UN, in collaboration with La Casa Tomada and the Alcaldía Municipal, in which young children from violence ridden areas participate in a series of Workshops that culminate in the creation of a community mural. Through this initiative the program has empowered the members of various communities and has transformed spaces into beautiful urban galleries.

2.     La Casa Tomada

La Casa Tomada is located right in the city center and is home to an effervescent program of cultural activities- from photography to theatre and a tattoo shop, this space is home to a series of murals that impersonate our true Salvadorean heritage. Mind you, across the street is Cadejo, a brewery, which is also home to a massive mural that depicts the urban legend of Cadejo itself!

3.     Puerto de la Libertad

Thirty minutes from the city is one of our main ports, Puerto de la Libertad, and our surf mecca. In this area, within the beaches of El Tunco and El Zonte we’ve discovered plenty of walls that have been covered in colorful and breezy art.

4.     La Universidad Nacional

Also in the heart of El Salvador, at the National University there are murals that adorn the urban landscape. It’s interesting to see how each city differs…. It is not that easy to purchase spray paint cans here in San Salvador so most of the artists use acrylic paint on their walls… the effect is fantastic! Quite a change from the Barcelona Style!

If you're interested in visiting El Salvador, through Alternative Journeys we can totally plan your trip! See you on the tropical side! 

Artstigators around the World: Daniel García @ Valparaiso, Chile

For the last four months Daniel García has been traveling around South America and sharing his rich cultural, natural, social, artistic [all sorts of] experiences with us through his Instagram account

Journey of an Artstigator got lucky last week when Daniel visited the magical city of Valparaiso, Chile and shared with us some of his artsy finds.

Valparaiso is located on the mid-Pacific Coast of Chile and is known for its street art, bohemian culture, and seaside views.

Just like is the case in other cities around the world, street art has been used as a form of peaceful protest under oppression. For Chile it was under the regime of Augusto Pinochet in the 70’s. To this day street art continues to play an important role in the freedom of expression of the Chilean people, especially in Valparaiso where street art is legal.

We asked Daniel a couple of questions to get a feel of Valparaiso and have a deeper understanding of the role street art plays in this creative oasis.

1. What was your first impression of Valparaiso?

DG: Valparaiso is very different from every other city I've visited so far. Street art is literally in every corner of this colorful place, giving the city a unique bohemian vibe. Valpo (as called by locals) invites you to walk its narrow uphill streets and discover what masterpiece is painted around the next corner.

2. What’s the relationship between the people from Valparaiso and the street art scene?

DG: People and street art have a very close relationship here. Local government and citizens encourage artists to express themselves on the city's murals. Thanks to this, Valparaiso has become a popular destination for tourists and artstigators from all over the world!

3. How has globe-trotting changed your life?

DG: Sometimes we get caught up in all the negative things this world throws at us that we forget that we live in a planet filled with so much beauty and endless positive things to offer. Traveling is changing my perspective; it’s changing me.

Follow Daniel on his 6-month adventure and contact us if you’d like to share your street art finds. We love featuring artstigators on #AlternativeJourneys!

street art valparaiso
street art valparaiso
street art valparaiso
street art valparaiso

All photographs are by: Daniel García